27.NOV.2003   24.JAN.2004


A complex and sophisticated exhibition, including drawings, performance and installations created by Tania Bruguera specifically for the Franco Soffiantino Gallery, which, in moving from Ozzano Monferrato to Turin, will contribute to the already rich panorama of both public and private exhibitions in the Piedmontese capital. Curated by Roberto Pinto, the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue containing most of the visual work produced by Tania Bruguera, in which the curator explains: “Her work is an interrogation of herself and of others. She reflects on the role and attraction of power, on the value of utopia, although without abandoning, even for an instant, her own physical qualities, her own body, her own emotional qualities, her own condition of being a woman who breathes, eats, makes love, feels joy, suffers, laughs, cries.”