The gallery was opened in 2003, in the historical centre of Turin. It caters for those artists who turn their expressive work into a means of investigating the interrelationship between art and the surrounding world and, without category constraints, range from social, cultural to the more intimist influences.

The leitmotiv is a marked propensity towards experimental choices both from a formal and content point of view and the questioning of given values.
The gallery represents international artists who use different artistic languages: video, photography, performance, installation and sculpture. Aside from promoting their work, the gallery is also committed to the production of their projects, in order to provide a concrete contribution to the growth and evolution of their research.

The gallery is also focused on the presentation of new projects created by fledgling artists but it also supports the work of more accomplished artists such as Jimmie Durham and Nancy Spero.
All the artists represented are featured in major international events in the contemporary art sector, including Documenta, the Biennal of Venice, the Biennal of Berlin, Whitney Biennial, Manifesta and the Biennal of Lyon, etc. The gallery also collaborates with museums, institutions and public exhibitions, both at the national and international level and participates in the most important contemporary art international trade fairs.