16.MAY.2013   21.JUL.2013


At the basis of Kateřina ¦edá’s work are life and personal experience, that are reflected in her work not as anecdotal or autobiographical narratives, but in terms of daily research and analysis of the problems that surround and affect the artist herself, converging in a practice that takes on the characteristics of true social intervention. The project carried out during her period of residency stems in fact from the complex emotional and family circumstances in which the artist – after the birth of her daughter Julie and subsequent divorce from her husband – has found herself.
While initially the research project was intended to develop around the topic of divorce, during her months of residence in Rome with Julie, the artist’s research has instead focused on the achievement of a new balance, both in the relationship with her daughter and with her ex-husband.
‘I’m counting to three’ presents, through the eyes of her daughter, an image she’s never seen before. The artist has invited her ex-husband to Rome, and for the first time julie had the opportunity to see her father, mother, and mother’s current husband gathered together.
This important event and the works it gave rise to were an opportunity for fundamental change in the artist’s life: overcoming the latent difficulties in the relationship with her daughter, and gain a new balance in the relationship with her ex-husband.

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