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On February 16, at 6.00 p.m. at the Fondazione Pescheria, Pesaro, there will be the opening of the solo show And the Ship Sails On of the artist Andrea Nacciarriti (Ostra Vetere, Ancona, 1976), curated by Ludovico Pratesi.
The project was inspired by a series of chronicle events relating to ships that discharge toxic waste in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is the result of a research that the artist began several years ago.
“There are dozens of merchant ships, mysteriously sunk or wrecked during the last thirty years in the Mediterranean Sea: the Aso went to peak in 1979 near Locri, in Calabria, the Rigel sunk off the cost of Reggio Calabria in 1987, the Marco Polo sank in the Channel of Sicily in 1993, as well as dozens of incidents in recent years. The ships would be used to get rid of tons of toxic, chemical and radioactive waste”, says Nacciarriti, who was inspired to work on this thorny topic after reading Riccardo Bocca’s book “Ships of Shame”, that reveals disturbing connections between the traffic of toxic waste, International criminal organizations, the rise of cancer and the other serious diseases in areas where ships are sunk or are accidentally stranded.
The exhibition is a path of inquiry that develops between the Loggiato, where there are the images of the Jolly Rosso, and the Suffragio, in a constant tension between news, information and interpretation, through installations made with different materials, from water to marble, and video.
“It isn’t my intention to make a journalistic chronicle, but rather it is a need to present a slippery and dangerous history of intertwined events between organized crime and Italian and International institutions”, said Nacciarriti, which reveals criminal plots involving Romania, Italy, Libya and Somalia, almost ignored by the mainstream press.
The exhibitions is accompanied by a catalog published by Silvana Editoriale, with texts by Ludovico Pratesi and Riccardo Bocca, a casual conversation with Gianfranco Posa, the president of the Comitato Civico Natale De Grazia, and an interview with the artist by Ludovico Pratesi.
Andrea Nacciarriti was born in Ostra Vetere, Ancona in 1976. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In 2010 he won the Terna03 Price, section Gigawatt, and in 2011 the Premio Celeste. He partecipated in group exhibitions at the Gallery of Modern Art in Monfalcone, at the MAN, Nuoro, at the PAC in Milan and at the Maison Rouge in Paris.
Andrea Nacciarriti’s works are produced by Franco Soffiantino Contemporary Art Productions.
Thanks for the support to: City of Pesaro, Bertozzini buildings, Gamba 1918, Ifi-Arredi Bar Gelaterie Pasticcerie, Isopak Adriatica Spa, Banca dell’Adriatico, and technical sponsors Hotel Alexander Museum, il Pesaro.it, Acanto e Costantini.

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