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“RADICI”, that means roots, is an exhibition that stems from the place it has been conceived for, De Sanctis Palace, placed in the heart of Castelbasso. This project fully symbolizes the sense of the commitment that the Foundation supports: the rediscovery of Castelbasso’s roots thanks to its architectural, social and cultural recovery, in order to to put them in relation with its inhabitants and institutional actors.
Roots, in botany, are in the underground and their function is to sustain and feed plants. By extension, the term suggests the origin of something, its beginning and, at the same time, its cause, hence the expressions “to go to the root of a problem”, or “to go to the rediscovery of one’s own roots”, that is, of one’s own origins. The metaphor of the roots can be found in all the occidental philosophy, from Empedocle to Deleuze and Guattari. The first of them defines root stock, "roots" of everything, air, water, earth and fire, the four “ immutable and eternal” elements that create reality and give it stability. In a radically modified context, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari oppose the root stock conception of the thought with that of the traditional philosophy, which proceeds in a hierarchical and linear way, following rigid and binary categories.
The root stock thought, on the contrary, can establish productive connections in every direction, outlining “ a system which is not centralized, hierarchical and significative […], but it is uniquely defined by a circulation of states”, expression of a linking thought that suggests new hypotheses of connection among elements, phenomena and data.
A system that is forcefully found in our modern, media and globalised society.
Today the image that could be immediately associated to the root stock is undoubtedly that of the network. More and more frequently there is a lot of talk about the network society to show how horizontal connection could develop thanks to new technologies, at the expense of hierarchical organizations, which were necessary, in the past, beyond a certain threshold of complexity.
In the exhibition “RADICI” the tradition with its values, the cultural background that it witnesses and the past which represents, become fundamental inside a visual narration that interacts with the present.

curated by Eugenio Viola

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