23.JUN.2009   26.JUN.2009


Tuesday 23 June 6.30 pm. Presentation of the contract An artist’s working hours. With: Cesare Pietroiusti (artist), Franco Soffiantino (gallery owner), Paolo Bergmann (lawyer). In the following days, the artist will propose (free of charge) some examples of working units amongst the ones mentioned in the contract.
Wednesday 24 June: from 3 pm to 8 pm. Execution of the performance Una risposta ad ogni domanda (An answer to every question). Participation open to all.
Thursday 25 June: from 3 pm to 8 pm. Laboratory on the abolition of self-censorship in artistic practices. For artists only (registration necessary).
Friday 26 June: artist’s conference in two parts. From 3 pm to 5.15 pm: Origine del termine “relazionale” e sue declinazioni fra arte e psicologia (Origin of the term “relational" and its uses between psychology and art). From 5.30 pm to 8 pm: Modalità paradossali o non convenzionali dello scambio (Paradoxical or non-conventional methods of the exchange). Participation open to all.

Cesare Pietroiusti’s work is a refined conceptual analysis on the system of art and its multi-faceted economic and cultural aspects. His performances attempt to transform the business transaction behind a work of art in order to turn it into an investigation into the very same nature of art itself. The artist organises paradoxical situations starting from commonplace and everyday events which reveal, in an ironic and analytical manner, the ambivalence of value systems all too often taken for granted or considered unchangeable. In this case, the subject of the investigation is the very same profession of the artist himself. It is hereby seen as an activity whose content can be quantified in working time units, rather than being identified in the actual product of the work. During the presentation of the project, the contract between the artist and the gallery owner will be discussed like any negotiation between a worker, an intermediary and his client. By “standardising” the relationship between gallery owner, artist and collector, Pietroiusti delves into the critical aspects of the said relationship by means of the literal carrying out of a task and the resulting paradox. The performances, laboratories and conferences carried out in the following appointments are all examples of the contract being executed, as well as moments capable of highlighting some other aspects related to the figure of an artist, such as didactics and intellectual activity. The project, as often happens in Pietroiusti’s works, does not limit itself to a univocal interpretation of a given action and its underlying intrinsic meaning. It is a meta-project that proposes a reflection upon the mechanism that has produced the project itself: the proposal for a comprehension that can take place gradually, that is, thanks to a way of thinking that acts on different levels, by virtue of that same activity that Pietroiusti himself defines as “shift”, i.e. the ability of an artist to move across various disciplines, techniques, standards and languages, all seen as tools to use rather than data to rely upon or object to.