24.APR.2006   12.JUL.2006



Kateřina Šedá’s personal work is structured along three research lines, all developed through public projects made in different towns of the Czech Republic. The photography series “Window Exhibition” is the result of a project thought up for the city of Brno, during which 150 inhabitants display objects they are particularly proud of from the windows of their homes. The project “There is Nothing There” stems from the realisation that all town inhabitants have similar habits and lead their town lives with the same degree of scepticism. The artist organises a big collective game, in which all the inhabitants of Ponetovice adhere to a common schedule for one entire day, the Daily Regime of Saturday 24th May. All citizens, from morning to evening, do exactly the same things: they wake up at the same time, buy the same products in the same shops, eat the same food, meet up for a beer in the afternoon and, in the evening, switch off their lights at the same time. The projects “Copying Mother” and “Copying Father”, on the other hand, belong to a broader and more complex project, “Bringing Up a Child”, in which the artist reflects upon the concept of family through videos, graphs and collective actions. The two videos, each lasting 24 hours, present the same narrative structure, applied to both the mother and father figure. The artists investigates into each single family member and the relationships established within each family household.

Enzo Umbaca’s project is tied to football, a sport that has inspired several works throughout his artistic development. Sports, especially football, now revolve around a consolidated structure of economic interests and solid business mechanisms. The exhibition presents two installations: a regulatory goal post, on which a mesh of minuscule flashing leds has been mounted in place of the net, a reference to both the Christmas display of the City’s Artistic Lights and to the transitory spectacle of this game. The lights of this “luminous net” show an effect of bewilderment and a feeling of melancholy, which is closer to a Christmas atmosphere than a football event. The second installation draws inspiration from the Torino 2006 Paralympic Games, which have just come to an end. A juggler will put on a sort of performance, repeatedly juggling a ball with a set of crutches.